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Organic SEO vs Pay Per Click

Businesses considering an online marketing campaign often have many questions regarding the value of organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Is one better than the other? Why shouldn't I use both? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one technique relative to the other?

The most aggressive online marketing campaigns might use both techniques, to ensure that no stone is left unturned. However, at SEO 1 Medical we have a preference for organic SEO over Pay-Per-Click advertising, based upon the following considerations:

Click Likelihood
Organically-derived search results are far more likely to be clicked on than paid results – this is a fact that has bedeviled PPC advocates for several years. In considering all factors, click rate is the most important for determining the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign.

Enhanced Relevance
In repeated surveys, search engine users have expressed the opinion that organic search engine results are decidedly more relevant that paid results, by almost a three-to-one margin. The intrusiveness of non-relevant results was singled out as a persistent annoyance.

Confidence/Visitor Awareness
Users have a higher trust and confidence in organic results versus PPC results. Users are becoming increasingly savvy about distinguishing paid content from organic,and have shown a decided preference for the latter. Of course, in the medical profession trust in the provider is a crucial consideration.

Higher Conversion Rate
Organic results gain the benefit of being considered non-biased, which results in visitors that are more motivated to purchase the service in question. This higher conversion rate leads to higher revenues & profits.

Pay-Per-Click costs are increasing, and buyers are becoming dissatisfied at the expense involved in securing popular keywords. Prices for PPC advertising is also notoriously volatile, with holiday season costs often double those at other times of the year.

Long Term Results
PPC advertising is often compared to a sugar rush: the resulting boost of energy may be pronounced and immediate, but the effects wear off quickly. Organic SEO is more like a healthy meal, where the benefits might not be noticed for a longer period of time. Organic SEO is definitely superior for those businesses seeking long term effective results.

There is certainly a time and a place for Pay-Per-Click advertising, and this analysis should not be seen as a wholesale dismissal of this tactic. For additional information about online marketing, please visit our organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click

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