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Decision Support Service Providers

Guest author John Halamka is Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard Medical School...


Continuum Designs New Category of Healthcare

Companies Collaborate to Deliver the New Modular Compass Furniture System for Patients and Caregivers That Effortlessly Adjusts to Changing Healthcare Environments...


Pharos Innovations CEO Appointed to DMAA

Pharos Innovations announced the appointment of its CEO, Randall E. Williams, MD, to the Board of Directors of DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance. The Board is comprised of healthcare leaders from health plans...



Google Optimization

Google is the world's number one search engine, accounting for nearly two out of three computerized searches for information. That kind of dominance is impossible to ignore... and that is why at SEO 1 Medical, we offer specialized Google optimization services for doctors, medical practitioners, and health care providers.

Using Google to Power Your Practice

An effective online optimization plan demands that your Google results are as high up as they possibly can be. But that is just the beginning. You need to have all the moving parts of your Google listing working to increase traffic to your website and create new opportunities to attract new patients to your practice. Just some of what SEO 1 Medical does for you:

  • Page rank elevation
  • Keyword generation
  • Google Maps placement & directory confirmation
  • Reputation management

We offer doctors and health care specialists targeted Google optimization services that take into account the unique needs of the health care industry. It is not enough to appear at the top of a Goggle search – you need to have your listing up there with content that attracts traffic and makes potential patients want to put their care needs in your hands.

Immediate Google Solutions

Your website may have inherent problems that affect your ranking on Google. These include:

  • Use of a free hosting service
  • Multiple domain names for one website
  • Doorway page or Flash entrance
  • Website built entirely in Flash
  • Dynamic webpages

These will all have a negative impact on your Google ranking, and may require a redesign/rebuild of your website. However, we can advise you about solutions that will give an immediate boost to your Google results.

SEO Results Made Affordable

Let us help you get the power of Google working for you. SEO 1 Medical will get you effective results, and we will do it for a price that makes sense for your business. Please check around – you will find that our rates are among the most competitive in the search engine marketing industry.

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We have trusted SEO 1 Services with our Search Engine Optimization which has increased our traffic by 333%. We have been impressed with the organic SEO results


We were pretty skeptical about what the SEO 1 Services could accomplish for our organization. Now we are believers in search engine optimization and extremely pleased with the result.


I though I knew what the potential of my online marketing strategy was and what keyword I needed to pursue. Needless to say SEO 1 Services a whole new approach...