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Decision Support Service Providers

Guest author John Halamka is Chief Information Officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard Medical School...


Continuum Designs New Category of Healthcare

Companies Collaborate to Deliver the New Modular Compass Furniture System for Patients and Caregivers That Effortlessly Adjusts to Changing Healthcare Environments...


Pharos Innovations CEO Appointed to DMAA

Pharos Innovations announced the appointment of its CEO, Randall E. Williams, MD, to the Board of Directors of DMAA: The Care Continuum Alliance. The Board is comprised of healthcare leaders from health plans...



SEO 1 Medical: The Company

What Sets SEO 1 Medical Apart

We take great pride in our stature as one of the foremost online marketing services providers. It is no accident that we are where we are – at SEO 1 Medical, we have worked hard to put the pieces in place that allow us to deliver outstanding service to our clients, and help them reach new patients and achieve their professional goals:

Professional SEO Skills

SEO 1 Medical has assembled a highly-trained staff of designers, programmers, and creative personnel that have an exceptional foundation of skills in place that are unique to the search engine marketing industry. They combine these technical skills with a broad understanding of the health care industry, and the challenges that providers face on a daily basis to run a practice, satisfy current patients, and attract new ones. This combination gives us a unique insight that allows SEO 1 Medical to deliver top-notch results and unsurpassed value.

Of course, our team is not satisfied with sitting on its laurels. We supplement our skill set with additional certification & training, and actively attend industry seminars and gatherings in order to stay abreast of the latest SEO techniques, and maintain our position as online marketing innovators for the medical services community. Count on us to stay on top of new developments that will impact you positively.

Online Marketing Experience

Our robust skill set has allowed us to hit the ground running and collect a great deal of experience as we ply our trade. In the field of health care-related search engine solutions, the SEO 1 Medical team has a depth of experience that provides a competitive advantage that other, less focused online marketers cannot match.

When our clients come to us looking for SEO solutions, there is no learning curve involved – we know what they need, and how best to chart a course to achieve the results they are looking for. Health care and online marketing are two very different arenas – we are the only marketing provider with a design team that has years of experience exploring the intersection of those two endeavors. At SEO 1 Medical, we know where you are coming from, and that experience gets you online results quickly & efficiently.

Enthusiasm & Commitment

You can probably already tell... we are very passionate about what we do at SEO 1 Medical! We are very proud of our place atop the search engine marketing solutions industry, and we know that in order to maintain that position we have to continue to deliver outstanding search engine ranking results to our health care clients. No problem! We love our job, and we hope that we will have the chance to help you out, too!

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We have trusted SEO 1 Services with our Search Engine Optimization which has increased our traffic by 333%. We have been impressed with the organic SEO results


We were pretty skeptical about what the SEO 1 Services could accomplish for our organization. Now we are believers in search engine optimization and extremely pleased with the result.


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